Bobblehead Unit Showcases Student Creativity at DCG Middle School

January 11, 2023

Bobbleheads at DCG Middle School

It’s an awesome year of art at Dallas Center-Grimes Middle School.

“I like art class,” says 6th grader Burke Price. “It’s really fun that we get to make a lot of projects.” 

The newest 6th grade project in MyKayla Everman’s class is all about creativity. It’s all about the experience. All about the hands-on activity. Students are creating bobbleheads.

The hands-on experience allows art class to come alive. 

“Most of the clay projects are just one thing,” 6th grader Addison Rouse shares.  “But this was two steps and it can actually bobble.” 

After spending a class period with these students, they are clearly invested in art. They are also proud of their bobblehead project. 

“It was just gray clay and it was a ball. Now it ended up like this,” says Rouse.