Clubs Arrive at Oak View | E-Sports Team Thriving

December 14, 2022

E-Sports at Oak View

It’s history at Oak View. For the first time, students are now involved in school clubs. 

“I want students to feel like they are welcomed, involved and part of a community,” says Konnor Gifford.

Gifford is the club leader of the Oak View E-Sports team. They meet weekly after school.

“E-Sports is where people of 7th and 8th grade, people of Oak View, can just get together, sit back and play video games,” says 8th grader Aaron Bonefas. 

“Technology is the future, so I think it’s a good idea,” adds 8th grader Jack Perman.

Video games are a big deal for teenagers. Roughly 90% of them are currently playing. Matching the interest in the game, with the interest of our students, turns out to be a perfect match.

“We have football. We have basketball. But there are students who really enjoy e-sports but they haven’t had space,” says Gifford. “I hope to grow this so we have more and more students wanting to join and we offer it more times throughout the year.”

The start of e-sports at Oak View is coming at a perfect time. The e-sports team at Dallas Center-Grimes High School is growing every week. Our 7th and 8th graders already have big ideas.

“My goals are to explore new video games that I haven’t played before,” says Perman. “I like to expand my boundaries.” 

Super Mario isn’t an official Dallas Center-Grimes Mustang just yet. But his video game is helping our students. 

“I want students to create those social connections where they might talk to a student they don’t usually talk to,” shares Gifford. “Really create a space where they can compete, they can have fun, they can learn team skills and leadership skills, all in a unique setting.”

Clubs at Oak View are only in the beginning stages, but it’s clear students are excited to be involved. Just like every other team in our district, there are big time time goals for the future.

“Having more students sign up and create a space where community is formed,” says Gifford. “Ultimately trying and testing out some new games, and maybe creating passion for students to go on to high school and continue to do it.”