Computer Science Education Week at DCG

December 9, 2022

Computer Science

The next generation of computer scientists are hard at work at North Ridge Elementary. 

“It’s a new way to get yourself to learn and there’s so much to explore,” says third grader Emma Snow. “There are so many things.” 

Our partners from the AEA stopped by our third grade classrooms on Wednesday to work through several computer science activities. 

“It was learning how to move characters and a little more about how you can connect the blocks,” says Snow.

Our next stop for Computer Science Week is at Dallas Center Elementary, for a tag team workshop. High School students are helping out third and fourth graders. 

“I had two kids in my group who really like coding,” says DCG Sophomore Tyler Fitch. “They’ve worked with Scratch before and they really wanted to do some in the future. I was excited by that.” 

It sounds like the interest for this work is only growing in our buildings.

“Last year we had this thing called Hour of Code,” says DCE Fourth Grader Lexi Schouten. “It was a little easier than this, this was a little complicated.”

From third grade to high school, computer science was on full display this week at DCG and that’s a great thing for the learning experience of our students.

“I think computer science is going to get a bigger role in the future with the world moving more technology based,” shares Fitch. “I really enjoy computer science and I want to do something with it in the future.”