Construction Update – DCG High School Parking Lot Procedures

January 16, 2023

Construction projects at Dallas Center-Grimes High School are moving right along. We have a couple of updates to share with the district as crews begin to move large pieces of equipment. We appreciate your support during this phase of the project!

General Information

We are now at the stage where large walls will be coming into the construction area for the project on the southeast portion of the high school campus. This is a very exciting time, but it does create some challenges. The walls that are being delivered to the school are very tall, wide, and heavy. This means they will be coming into the property by semi-trucks. These trucks will need to enter the property using the main entrance to the high school. As they enter, the trucks will go down the south side lane of the property to the far east loop (the one that is currently shut down), they will then turn onto the main exit lane in front of the school, back up into the construction area to get unloaded, then use the main exit lane in front of the high school to leave the property. This will all start next week (January 23), so we might see support equipment show up this week (January 16) to prep for this large delivery.

Parking Lot Procedures

During these delivery times, we will have people on site to help direct traffic. These individuals will be on site to help direct the large semi’s but will also help direct school traffic as well.  Communication has gone out to the companies when the high school parking lot is quite busy.  You might see a few parking spots blocked off for safety reasons. Also, you might see some differences to how traffic flows during the delivery times. We are hoping to try and not have deliveries during the busy traffic time, but we are not always in control of the schedules for other industries.

Drivers in the DCG HS Parking Lot

We need your patience and understanding. This will be a stressful time for many people because it is a large scale construction project in a tight area. So, patience will be key during this time. We also ask that you think about your daily schedule so if you need to adjust for slow traffic in and out of the property you have that time. As a school we will be monitoring these deliveries and supporting the parking lot as much as possible. We will take these changes into consideration when looking at attendance.

We Appreciate Your Patience

We wanted to get this information out to you as soon as we knew the plan and the expected dates. The date of the delivery of large walls will begin the week of January 23rd and go until all walls are delivered on site. This could take a couple of weeks. The support equipment for this phase of the project could be showing up as early as Jan 18th. Thank you for your time and your support during this exciting time for our school district!