On April 17, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds called for all school districts in Iowa to submit a Return-to-Learn plan to the state outlining how they will address disruptions to learning due to the pandemic. Plans were due July 1, 2020.

Our teams have been digging into what school may look like for students in the Dallas Center – Grimes Community School District. Our plan addresses three possible scenarios we believe may happen this fall:

  • Socially distanced in-person learning
  • Required continuous off-site learning
  • A hybrid of required continuous off-site learning and in-person learning

The Dallas Center – Grimes Board of Education will review each plan and make their selection of a preferred plan by August 3, 2020. The first day of the 2020-21 school year will be Thursday, August 27.

Which ever plan is chosen will call on the district to follow all guidelines from the Center for Disease Controls (CDC), Iowa Department of Public Health, Iowa Department of Education, and Office of Governor Kim Reynolds.

Thank you for your support and partnership as we work together to maintain a healthy learning environment.

Quick Links
Iowa Department of Public Health
Polk County Health Department 
US Centers for Disease Control 
Iowa Department of Public Health


Family Communications
Return-to-Learn Drafts
DC-G Home Enrichment and IXL

Home Enrichment Site

The DC-G Home enrichment site is a place to explore and grow skills through several different websites chosen by our teachers. Several of these sites students already use in the classroom! Please explore by clicking the link below.

DC-G Home Enrichment Site

Getting Started with IXL  

IXL is a platform for personalized learning for students built on the Common Core State Standards and will now be our priority online resource. We have selected IXL due to:

  • the ease of use, 
  • clear connections for practice opportunities that are aligned to core standards,  
  • the ability to use with multiple core subject areas,
  • the ability to connect with Google Classroom, and
  • consistency for our students and families.


How to Access IXL

1. Log-in by going to  Enter the username and password.

    1. The student username is the last two digits of the graduation year, first name, and last name  (ex: 21mackenziegroenenboom).
    2. The student password is dcg followed by the student lunch number (ex: dcg12345).

*** If you are using the IXL app on your phone, you will need to add @dallascentercsd after the login name.

2. Choose a skill to practice in the Learning tab.  This can be done in four different ways.

    1. If the teacher assigned a skill to practice, a link will appear on the right.  Click on it to practice those skills.
    2. Teachers may send out a search code.  Enter the 3-digit code in the search bar on the top of the page.
    3. Click on the Recommendations page and choose a recommended skill.
    4. Click on a subject.  Select the appropriate grade level.  Pick a topic and then click on the skill to begin practicing.

3. Read and answer the question.  Click submit.

    1. Use “Learn with an example” to learn about the skill before practicing (found above the question).
    2. Click on the links below the question for additional help if the student is not feeling ready yet.

4. Review the answer.  Correct answers will increase the SmartScore for the skill.

    1. If an answer is incorrect, the correct answer along with an explanation will appear.  Review the explanation and then click “got it” to continue.

5. Continue practicing to reach the SmartScore goal.  Students may leave a skill and return later without losing their progress.  

    1. Students earn an award for each mastered skill.  Click on the Awards page to view prizes.

6. Use the Analytics tab to see progress made.  There is information about usage, scores, trouble spots, and a question log to view previously answered questions.

7. For more information, watch this quick start video at