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Below is a recap of the communication sent to parents and families from the district. Please also note, building communication comes out frequently and is not posted here.

District Communication Updated Calendar 1/5

District Communication, Enrollment Canvas Deadline Extended 1/4

District Communication 12/21 Board Recap and Enrollment Canvas

District Communication a note from the Nurses 12/21

District Communication 11/23

District Communication 11/17

Video Message from Mr. Grimes 11/11

District Communication COVID-19 Update 11/9

District Communication: COVID-19 Update 11/8

District Communication: COVID-19 Update 10/29

District Communication: Technology Update 10/28

District Communication: COVID-19 Update 10/16

District Communication Return-to-Learn Update 10/14

District Communication COVID-19 Update 10/7

District Communication Facial Covering Update 10/1

District Communication New Quarantine and Mask Guidance Updates Sept. 29th

District Communication, Homecoming Football Ticket Information Sept. 22nd

District Communication, Technology Help Desk, Sept. 15

District Communication Free Meals Sept. 14

District Communication COVID-19 Update Sept. 11

District Communication Homecoming Information Sept. 10

When to Stay Home or Return Related to COVID-19

District Communication – A Message from the DCG School Nurses, September 1st

District Communication – DCG Learning Hub, August 26th

District Communication. – Contact Tracing, August 26th

District Communication Secondary Schedules – Available in Infinite Campus

Activities Update August 21st

District Elementary Family Communication August 21st

District Communication August 21st, Online Learning

District Communication August 20th

Steps for Absence due to COVID-19

DCG Wellness Screener

District Communication August 14th – Message for Group A/B, not linked as different message went to specific groups depending on grouping.

District Communication August 7th

District Communication August 4th

Board Meeting 8/3/2020 Link Audio Only 

District Communication July 29th

District Communication July 24th

District Communication July 21st

District Communication July 16th

District Communication July 2nd

District Communication June 5th

District Communication June 4

District Communication May 19

District Communication May 6

District Communication April 30

District Communication April 16

District Communication April 2

District Communication March 23

District Communication March 20

District Communication March 16

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Return to Learn FAQ’s

Keeping the Community Informed

In an effort to keep students, staff, parents, and the entire community aware of how COVID-19 is impacting our district, we plan to share as much information as possible, while protecting the privacy of those affected. Please know that these efforts will be a work in progress and our district will make adjustments and improvements.

The information below is current numbers as of the time stamp below. Anyone who is currently in isolation (positive case) or in quarantine due to exposure to a positive individual. Once an individual is no longer in isolation or quarantine they would not be reflected in the numbers below. The dashboard is updated as new cases are confirmed with Dallas and Polk County Public Health Departments.

DCG COVID-19 Status Update

2 Student(s) testing positive

265 total this school year

0 Staff member(s) testing positive

49 total this school year

0 Students in quarantine

1,704 total this school year

0 Staff  in quarantine

124 total this school year

1 Classroom closures (affected families are informed directly of this)

1 total this school year



Student Absentee rate across the district

Staff Absentee rate across the district

Updated: 5/26/2021. Updates are made every Thursday. Dashboard numbers are reported on a one week timeframe. Disclaimer: The information set forth above is for informational purposes only. This information is based on reports to the District from other sources which have not been independently verified.

DCG Coronavirus Trends

Health Metrics

The district uses the health metrics established by the Iowa Department of Public Health to monitor county-wide positivity rates. They also provide a county-by-county percentage positive analysis for all public school districts in Iowa. The IDPH site we use to determine classroom, building, and grade Return To Learn model(s) can be accessed here:

The Dallas Center – Grimes School Board uses a similar metric system to evaluate the status of our classrooms, buildings, and district as it pertains to keeping schools open or moving them online.

View the Return to Learn Metrics here

Communication and Notification Process

Each time a person (staff or student) in a district facility tests positive for COVID-19, a DCG team consisting of school nurses, support staff, and respective building administrators will work with Dallas and Polk County Health Services to determine next steps.

If student or staff member was determined to have close contact with the positive individual they will receive a notification. There are two types of notifications:

  1. If proper masks were not being worn at the time of close contact you may receive a notification and order to quarantine.
  2. If proper masks were being worn at the time of close contact, you may receive a notification to simply make you aware of close contact but not an order to quarantine.

If the positive case was not in your child’s classroom or activity and your child was not a close contact, you will not receive an email.

School Nurse Protocol for COVID-19 Symptoms

As part of their efforts to keep buildings healthy, please be aware that school nurses may send a student(s) home for 10 days based on recommendations from the Iowa Department of Public Health and Dallas and Polk County Health. If your child tests positive for COVID-19 after school hours, please contact our COVID-19 hotline at 515-985-8430 and a DCG staff member will work with you along with Dallas and Polk County Health Departments on the proper next steps.
The Iowa Department of Public Health and Dallas and Polk County Health Departments recommend that any person with one high-risk or two low-risk symptoms stay home and contact their medical provider for an evaluation.

High-Risk Symptoms Low-Risk Symptoms
New cough Fever
Shortness of breath or
difficulty breathing
New loss of taste or smell Muscle or body aches
Sore throat
Runny nose