School Board Elections

School Board Election Day – Tuesday, November 7

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Open School Board Seats at DCG (4) – 2023 Election

  • At-Large, At-Large, District 3, District 4 – Candidates running for the open seats in District 3 and District 4 must reside in their respective districts.

Director District Plan 3

2023 Board Election Timeline

August 28: School Board Candidate filing begins. Each candidate must file an affidavit of candidacy and nomination petitions with the Board Secretary Michelle Wearmouth. The affidavit of candidacy and nomination petitions must be filed together or they will be rejected. Copies of nomination papers are available at the school district office (please contact the Board Secretary), the county auditor’s office, or on the Secretary of State’s website. The minimum number of signatures needed depends on the number of registered voters in the school district. This number is determined by the Polk County Office of Elections.

September 21, 5 p.m.: Nomination filing deadline
September 26, 5 p.m.: Candidate Withdrawal Deadline
October 23, 5 p.m.: Absentee Ballot by Mail Request Deadline
November 6: Absentee Ballot In-Person Deadline
November 7: School Board Election Day

Standards for Successful School Boards

According to the Iowa Association of School Boards, below are the six standards for successful school boards:

  1. Visionary Team: Operate as a visionary governance team in partnership with the superintendent.
  2. Student Learning: Provide effective leadership for quality instruction and high, equitable student learning.
  3. District Culture: Foster a culture that enables excellence and innovation.
  4. Policy & Legal: Lead through sound policy, ensuring transparent, ethical, legal operations.
  5. Fiscal Responsibility: Sustain and enhance district resources through planning and fiduciary oversight.
  6. Advocacy: Advocate for public education and the needs of Iowa students.

Requirements of Dallas Center-Grimes School Board Directors:

Members of the Dallas Center-Grimes Board of Education are elected at large for four-year voluntary terms.
The Board of Education follows a governance model. In this process, the Board gives direction to the school district as to its priorities and goals, and the administration then develops the best procedures and practices to fulfill those goals.
The Board meets the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. School Board members also sit on a number of committees, which advise the district in areas of policy, curriculum & instruction, and planning.
For more information, we encourage any interested individuals to review the Iowa Association of School Board’s (IASB) Guide For Iowa School Board Candidates and the Iowa Secretary of State’s Candidate’s Guide to the School Election.

IASB is pleased to offer a complimentary recorded webinar series to assist candidates in navigating school board elections. Mark your calendar!

Running for the School Board 101: Essential Tips for School Board Candidates
Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2023

Legal & Ethical Campaigns for the School Board
Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2023

Student Learning: Do Boards Really Make a Difference?
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2023

Current Dallas Center-Grimes School Board

Kathie Hicok, Board President, District 4 – Term expires 2023

Ryan Carpenter, Board Vice-President, District At-Large – Term expires 2023

Nancy Baker Curtis, District At-Large – Term expires 2023

Nick Fiala, District #1 – Term expires 2025

Monica Malmberg, District #2 – Term expires 2025

Brandon McNace, District At-Large – Term expires 2025

Kim Praska, District #3 – Term expires 2023