DCG Esports on the Rise

January 3, 2024

DCG Esports


It’s year three of the DCG Esports program and this team is on the rise. 

“It grew to a level I never thought it would,” says DCG Junior Konner Besch. 

Three years ago there were 12 members on the very first DCG Esports team.  In 2024 that number has nearly tripled. 

“We really get to work as a team,” shares DCG Sophomore Michael Cowell. “This experience strengthened our relationship.”

The relationship is leading to wins. Not only is our team getting bigger, but DCG Esports is a player on the statewide scale.

“Right now I’m just focused on the goal at hand,” says Cowell. “Which is winning a state championship.”

Titles and trophies are great, but more important are the life lessons learned by competing on a team and forming a bond that only teammates can.

“It has boosted my self-confidence,” says Cowell. “I’ve connected with everybody in this room.”

“We get to be part of something that is growing,” adds Besch. “It’s great to be part of that.” 

The wins are piling up. The computers are filling up. Now is the time to jump on the DCG Esports bandwagon.

“You can always come on down and try it out,” Besch said. “It would be great to have you here.”

Support the DCG Esports Program

Our DCG ESports team is growing at an incredible rate. The team is hoping to increase the quality of equipment in the Esports room. They’ve partnered with Rocket Carwash as a way to raise funds. Click here to learn more.