Mustangs Eye State Title as Season Reaches Midway Mark

January 17, 2023

DCG Girls Basketball

The DCG Girls Basketball team is halfway through its season. A common theme is developing.

“All these girls on the team are my best friends,” says Emma Miner. “I love coming to practice.”

“I get to play basketball with my best friends every single day,” adds Finley Fitzgerald. 

These best friends are on a mission this winter.

“Last year a lot of us were there when we lost in the semifinal game,” says Kylie Lachacz. “We are hungry because we know what it’s like to lose in that big game.”

Goal number one for the Mustangs is winning the Little Hawkeye Conference championship for the third year in a row.

“There hasn’t been a team in the Little Hawkeye that has won the conference title outright three years in a row,” says DCG Head Coach Adam Jones. “It’s a credit to how hard these girls have worked. We’ve had some great players.” 

The dedication of this year’s roster is a great sign for the future of DCG Girls Basketball.

“It’s cool to be able to show younger kids that you can have fun,” says Vanessa Bickford. “You’ll meet a lot of your best friends playing high school sports.” 

This year’s team also has a new accomplishment to be proud of. They are now the number one ranked team in Class 4A. 

“It’s really exciting to be number one, we’ve been in that situation before,” says Fitzgerald.  “But we have to keep working hard. It’s an earned spot, it’s not just given.”

The same can be said about state champions. The 2022-23 DCG Girls Basketball team knows they have a lot of work still to do. There’s potential for a special kind of Mustang Memory later this season.

“It’s my senior year. I want to get it done. I just want to win it all,” says Fitzgerald.

“It would be huge for the school. It would be huge for the program. I think it would be a lot to the players who made it to the semis two years in a row,” adds Bickford.