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Silver Cord Award

The Silver Cord Award is a distinguished award available to Dallas Center-Grimes students who earn at least 120 total hours of community service/volunteering by May 1 of the graduating year. Students may begin the Silver Cord Program the first day of school their 9th grade year.  The expected service hours due to COVID-19 have been adjusted. These hours are subject to change at any time, We will do our best to communicate when changes are updated. The following is a recommendation of hours per year:

8th-9th Grade – 15 Hours               10th Grade – 35 Hours                11th Grade – 35 Hours                12th Grade – 35 Hours

Total  = 120 Hours

Hours will be prorated for those students that move into the district after the beginning of the 9th grade school year.  If you are a current DC-G student and want to begin the program, regardless of your current year, please see the Dean at the High School or Counselor at Meadows for more details.  At Senior Awards Night, recipients will receive a silver cord to wear on their robes at graduation in recognition of their achievement.

Important details regarding the Silver Cord Award
 Documentation:  We are using the platform called Transeo, This system will eliminate the need for any paperwork. Students will be completing all forms online. Students will also be required to email the supervisors to approve of all service hours provided. These hours will be approved by the DCG Silver Cord Committee.

Seniors: All hours must be submitted by April 1st. This will allow prepration or graduation.
Prorated hours due to COVID-19
If beginning silver cord status in 9th grade = 115 total hours
If beginning silver cord status in 10th grade = 100 total hours
If beginning silver cord status in 11th grade = 80 hours
If beginning silver cord status this year = 60 total hours

Summer Service:  Service hours earned during the summer, may be applied to either the prior year or the following year – student’s choice. (For example, the summer following the freshman year can apply toward either the freshman or sophomore 35-hour recommendation, or divided between the two as needed.) However, the summer before the student’s 9th grade year cannot be used.  Reminder – all activities must be pre-approved by the dean/counselor.

Acceptable School Service Activities: Students may earn related to school events as long as:

  • No varsity letter, school credit or grade is given.
  • The service hours are not expected as part of a membership to a group or club.  For example, volunteer hours required for National Honor Society members will not count towards Silver Cord Hours.
  • A student or organization the student belongs to, do not receive financial or other compensation.

Acceptable Community Service Activities Silver Cord hours must be for providing a service or meeting a clear need for a non-profit agency, church, school, park, charity program, fundraiser or community event. The service should be “above and beyond” one’s usual scope of involvement.

Non-Acceptable Service Activities include but are not limited to: sports teams managing/training, most DCG music program events, fundraising events, service to satisfy a class or required by any agency, program or organization, for pay or compensation of any kind, others at the discretion of the Silver Cord Committee.

The DCG Silver Cord Committee makes final determination regarding service hours acceptance.

For any further assistance, please contact the meadows or high school counselors. Email Mr. Twigg. Mrs. Clancy, or Mrs. Judd: or or 



The ACT is recommended for most students considering college. Students typically take the test during their Junior year, or early Senior year. Seniors who are planning to attend a college that requires the ACT, if you have not taken it yet, plan to do so before February or sooner. Some college DO NOT require the ACT. Check with the college admissions office if you have questions or the high school counseling office. An ACT registration packet can be picked up from the counseling office.


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