Designing Apps at Oak View

November 16, 2023

Oak View App

The Dinner Picker. The Fragrance Finder. The Munching Machine. These are all apps designed by 7th grade students at Oak View. 

“People use apps all the time,” says 7th grade student Addi Callahan. “To know something more about them is interesting and you are able to apply that the next time you use an app.”

Check out this video story to learn more about three of the apps our computer science students designed.


There’s a ton of cross-class learning happening throughout this project. Oak View students are learning something in one subject and applying it in another. 

“In a social studies project we are studying the land use conflict in the Amazon Rainforest,” shares Hannah Cook. “My group was studying the environmentalists, so it was on our minds. We saw a problem and thought we could make an app about that.”