E-Rate Success at Dallas Center-Grimes

June 12, 2023

Dallas Center-Grimes is excited to share the success of our E-Rate projects. Our district’s technology team estimates a savings of close to $400,000 over the next five years at Dallas Center-Grimes. 

“We are thrilled with the success of this project,” says Steven Hopper, DCG’s Director of Technology. “We are committed to providing students and staff with a reliable  internet connection. To reach that goal, while also saving our taxpayers money, is paramount to our department’s yearly priorities.” 

The E-Rate program, managed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), provides schools and libraries with significant discounts on telecommunications services, internet access, and network equipment. Districts must complete a series of applications each funding year and file all E-Rate eligible projects in the federal portal to qualify for the program.

Dallas Center-Grimes filed a total of seven projects in the federal portal for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2023 and generated multiple bids.

Our district awarded the following E-Rate bids for the fiscal year 2023: 

  • Sterling Computers: $20,950.38 for Firewall Licensing
  • Communication Innovators: $27,300 for Wireless Access Point Licensing
  • Communication Innovators: $231,141 for Network Equipment
  • Communication Innovators: $121,374 for Data Cabling Upgrades at DCG High School
  • Mediacom: $75,000 ($1250/Month for 60 Months) for Leased Fiber to Oak View
  • Mediacom: $120,000 ($2000/Month for 60 Months) for Leased Fiber to 4 Sites (Heritage, South Prairie, North Ridge, DCE)
  • Mediacom: $126,000 ($2100/Month for 60 Months) for Internet Access

Most projects will renew or begin on July 1, 2023, the beginning of the E-Rate fiscal year, while a few upgrades are already underway across our district.