Every Inch of Every Building – Busy Summer for DCG Custodians

July 7, 2023

North Ridge Custodian

There’s an important piece of paper in Darla Van Kooten’s office at North Ridge Elementary

“I have a page and a half in a notebook of things we have to do,” she says.

Darla’s to do list at North Ridge has a little bit of everything. 

“Cleaning from ceiling to floor, vacuuming, scrubbing the carpet and cleaning the desks,” says North Ridge’s Head Custodian.

DCG custodians touch every inch of every building in our district. 

“I just did the front office today, Kevin was doing the K-1 hall, Cody has been in the library since it’s one of the biggest buildings we have,” says Van Kooten. “He’s been in there for 2-3 days, doing sections at a time.”

Once our custodians reach their next room, it’s go time.

“Getting your windows washed, the white board, all the dusting and then you scrub the carpet, cut runners off the rug that are snagged and you clean up stains,” she says.

While Darla has the place to herself for most of the summer, she knows there are hundreds of kids anxiously waiting to come back.

“It gives me goosebumps thinking about how much the kids appreciate it,” she says. 

Ready or not, summer is already half over. Our students will be back soon and Darla will be ready for the new year! 

“It’s a whole new year and we have such positive thoughts,” says Van Kooten. “This year is special because my grandson is coming.”

As far as the to-do list in her office, Darla’s right on schedule. 

“We’ve gotten through ¾ of the first page, so yeah, I’m pretty happy.”