“I’m Very Passionate about Feeding Kids” – DCG Introduces New District Chef

September 2, 2022

From amphitheaters, to hotels, and now to schools, DCG’s new head chef Jozsef Grull has seen it all.

“I just realized I’m very passionate about feeding kids,” he says.

In his first full year as head chef, Jozsef is thinking big.

“When our kids go through elementary, to middle school, to high school, they are getting the same care, the same quality food,” he says.

Not only will Chef Jozsef be teaching the students in his lunch line, but he will also be doing the same with his own kids at North Ridge.

‘They are asking me every day. When are you going to come to my school? How many times are you going to come to my school?” says Grull. “Let’s see what their reaction is going to be.”

Born and raised in Hungary, Chef Jozsef plans to give students a few new options in his cafeteria.  

“We will try to find all of the fresh vegetables and fruits,” he shares. “Also trying to use some local farmers, trying to provide it from the community too.”

Jozsef doesn’t want the lunchroom to only be a place for food. In a few years, he’s hoping to know every student’s name.

“They are my neighbors. They are our kids,” he says. “Just a simple hi, hello, how are you? Sometimes it just brings a smile to their face.”

Next time you see Chef Jozsef in the lunch line, say hello and grab a dish of the new food he’s serving. 

“When you see something different, please try some new things,” he says.  “I promise everything is going to taste delicious.”