Hello my name is Jerry Hlas.  I am the principal at the "World’s Greatest Middle School" in Dallas Center, Iowa. I specialize in helping students Dream Big by reminding them daily of their incredible value and worth. I believe all students have been given a dream, a purpose in life, specifically designed for each to discover and live out. Every student is capable of thinking great thoughts and doing great things.  I provide guidance to help them stay on track.  It is my responsibility to remind and encourage everyone to pursue their dream, to become everything they were created to be.  I also happen to work with the greatest team of teachers who will do whatever it takes to ensure all students learn at the highest possible level. 

Our building serves sixth and seventh grade students.  Students attend core classes in Reading, English, Math, Science and Social Studies.  They also attend nine-week exploratory classes in Art, Family Consumer Science, Industrial Technology and World Cultures.  In addition, yearlong courses in P.E. and Computer Applications are required with the option to participate in Band and/or Choir.  Athletic competition begins in seventh grade.  Students can participate in Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Track and Field, Softball and Cheerleading.  Students also have opportunities to participate in a variety of school-sponsored activities through student council.  All activities are designed to promote student involvement and character development.

I am extremely proud of our school’s commitment to serve all students.  We have developed a system of interventions to ensure all students are receiving the support they need to be successful.  Over the past two years, we have seen improvement in our reading scores for sixth graders, achieving our highest percentage (90%) of students proficient this past year, half of which are reading in the advanced category.  Our entire staff understands the importance of literacy skills and is committed to providing individualized support to all students.

On a personal note, I am married (Christina) and have four kids (Philip, Abbie, Emily and Sam).  When not working at DCG Middle School you can find me fishing, reading, exercising, watching movies, spending time with family and cheering for my kids in their various activities. I earned my bachelor’s degree at Simpson College and spent seventeen years teaching prior to becoming a principal.  I earned my administrative degree at Drake University and am beginning my eighth year at DCG as a middle school principal.

DCG Middle School is a place where students are provided with the Security to Dream; the Guidance to Think; the Power to Choose; and the Wisdom to Know.  We are a great team, focused on learning for all students.  Do you want to learn here?  Come visit us any time.