The website link below offers district patrons access the curriculum maps for classes and courses taught in the district. The district uses a process called curriculum mapping to aid in the implementation of district curriculum, instruction and assessment. Curriculum Mapping is a calendar-based method of organizing and planning what is happening in district classrooms at specific points during the school year. Teachers develop maps or outlines of the content that needs to be taught, the skills that need development and the assessments to determine successful learning.

<click here to view the curriculum mapping website>

Directions on how to navigate the Curriculum Mapping website:

To find the curriculum map that you are interested in reviewing, click on the "Curriculum Mapping website" link above. You can browse through maps by different means - including by Teachers, Subjects, Grades and Collaborations.

  1. Select the means by which you would like to browse: Teachers, Subject, Grades or Collaborations. Each option lists all of the maps in the system filtered by the option you have selected. To view a map, click on the hyper-linked course name.
  2. Once you have selected the method you wish to browse, and then picked the Teacher, Subject, or Grade you want to review. The "breadcrumbs" at the top of the page display the path you took to reach this location. You can click on those hyper-linked words to move backwards in your path.
  3. Click on the hyper-linked Course name to see the entire curriculum map.
  4. Clicking on the Units icon will allow you to browse through individual units of the selected map. To see the curriculum map only one unit at a time, click on the small eyeglasses icon. Click the eyeglasses icon next to the unit you are interested in.
  5. The Atlas Logo in the upper left hand corner of the map will return you to the previous page. 

The district uses the maps as a tool to aid in analyzing the instructional program. The maps are communication tools for actual learning experiences in the classroom. The district can easily see the big picture for curriculum decision-making. Grade-level or interdisciplinary teams use the maps as a tool for planning and coordination.

Parents, students and district patrons can use the maps to gain a deeper understanding of grade level and course expectations at Dallas Center-Grimes. The maps allow parents an overall view of what their children are experiencing in the classroom and the requirements needed to succeed. Students can access the maps to gain more information to aid in course selection at the high school. They can also enable district patrons the ability to see how the district develops plans for student achievement.

Currently all high school courses are available for viewing. Middle school maps are also online with the exception of exploratory courses. These are being revised due to a change in the instructional time allotment. The maps that may be viewed from this site contain the content and skills taught in the district at the middle and high school levels.

No elementary maps are available at this time. Elementary teachers are working through a process that will develop grade-level maps for each content area, which is different than many of the individual maps developed at the middle school and high school.

For more information concerning curriculum mapping or questions concerning this website please contact the Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District.

Greg Carenza
Director of Teaching and Learning