Meadows Supply List

Welcome to the Dallas Center-Grimes Middle School!

On behalf of the entire staff of Meadows 8/9 Building, I would like to welcome you to our exceptional school!  The 8/9 complex is attached to the high school so that we can offer expanded opportunities to our students.  Our purpose is to provide a school setting that considers the transitional period from adolescence toward young adulthood.  Because our children undergo enormous intellectual, physical, social and emotional changes during this period, a unique school program has been designed. 

We offer exploratory classes and hands-on learning opportunities that your child will remember for a lifetime!  Additionally, your child will belong to a small advisory group of 10-15 students who will meet on a daily basis with a staff member who serves as their advisor. 

During advisory time, students will work on setting goals, planning for future careers, learning how to work on a productive team, and refining their leadership skills.  Most importantly, your child’s advisor will be his/her number one advocate as he/she deals with the daily challenges of adolescence.  Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where all students can live, learn and grow to their full potential.

We realize that your child is the most important asset in your life; additionally, we know that our community’s well-being depends on producing a highly-educated society.  Therefore, the success of our school program is a direct result of continual interaction among teachers, administrators, students, parents and community members. We encourage you to communicate with us often, ask questions, and provide input on middle school issues that are important to you.  I anticipate an exciting year with your children.  Thank you for sharing them with us every day!

Mrs. Lori Phillips
Meadows Principal