In compliance with the child abuse policy passed by the State Board of Education, the Dallas Center-Grimes Schools designate the following as investigators of physical and sexual abuse of students by school employees:

Level I Investigators for Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District are:

Primary Investigator:

Mr. Greg Carenza , 515-992-3866

Alternate Investigator:

Mrs. Shana Olson 515-992-3866

Level II Investigators will be an official(s) from outside the district’s regular staff. The primary investigator will examine reported incidents of physical and sexual abuse of students by school employees. She/he will review all allegations and determine whether a Level Two referral is warranted. The investigator must notify local law enforcement authorities in cases of proven serious physical and sexual abuse.

The investigator must also give a copy of the report to the employee’s superintendent. All proven cases of abuse by certified employees will be reported to the Iowa Professional Teaching Practices Commission. Counseling services for the student will be arranged upon request from the parents or student.