Music Magic at DCG Middle School

September 20, 2023

There’s something special about the sound of music class. That’s certainly true at DCG Middle School. 

“It’s a fun experience,” says 6th grader Sarah Nyemah.  “You don’t know when you’ll get the chance to try this stuff again.”

“It’s serious, but you also have fun while doing it,” shares Grayson Thiele.

“It’s fun and you learn a lot,” adds Joe Meyerholz. 

Joy Augustine is one of our talented music teachers at DCG Middle School. Spend 15 minutes in her classroom and it’s clear, this is the perfect spot for her.

“I was very grateful to have an incredible middle school music teacher, Antonette Lovejoy,” says Augustine. “She inspired me to be who I am as a teacher. I want these kids to know that I am their biggest cheerleader and I am their biggest fan.”

In this particular lesson, Joy is cheering on her students as they tackle bucket drums.

“It’s helping us do hands and eye coordination,” shares Kenadie Heaberlin.  “It’s also really fun because it helps us learn songs.”

“The goal is to be synchronized in our tempo and in our rhythm,” adds Augustine. “We speak while we play and that just makes us excellent musicians all around.”

DCG Middle School students are turning into talented musicians because of the opportunities in their building.

“When 6th grade rolls around and they have a chance to take part in choir, they get a chance to sing every other day in addition to general music,” adds Augustine. “Our 5th and 6th graders also get a chance to be in band, so within this building we have so much beautiful music happening all day long.”

Sometimes that learning happens through trial and error. 

“I love the fact that they are excited, they can come in and make mistakes and grow,” shares Augustine. “They can pick up a brand new instrument, a ukulele, never done it, and feel successful in it, because they are supported by each other and by me.”