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Currently all breakfast and lunch offerings are free to any DCG student. Seconds and ala cart options will still be charged to the student’s account.  



Dallas Center Grimes – Hybrid – Learning –Nutrition Plan 

Hybrid Learning Final 2 Remote Day Learning Days
Breakfast & Lunch “Mustang Packs” for Nov 9th & 10th will be available for pick up on Monday, November 9th at South Prairie or Dallas Center Elementary between 9am and 1pm.
Reserve your Mustang Packs by filling out the Mustang Pack Order Form by 11AM Thursday
100% Online Learning
  • Order Breakfast & Lunch “Mustang Meal Packs” Online by 11AM Thursday the week before
  • Pick Up – Pre-Ordered “ Mustang Packs” on Mondays at designated locations South Prairie or Dallas Center Elementary between 9 am and 1 pm.  Breakfast & Lunch for each school day that week will be included.
    • HACCP instructions, Dates, & Special Reheating instructions (if applicable) will be attached.
    • If no school on Monday, then pick up will be on the first school day of the week.
  • After meals are picked up, the meals will be checked off on the Summer Food Service Program Daily Meal Count Form for the school that student is registered with.

Onsite Students are offered a choice of a Hot Meal or a Choice of a Cold Meal.