Private Instruction applies to students between the ages of 6 and 16 (by September 15th) that are using a plan and a course of study in a setting other than a public or organized accredited nonpublic school. It includes competent private instruction (CPI) by a licensed practitioner or a non-licensed person, independent private instruction (IPI), home school assistance programs (HSAP), and non-ac- credited nonpublic schools. Dallas Center –Grimes does not have a home school assistance program (HSAP.) If you have questions on the options, need help on the forms, or assistance with this information, please contact Deanna Sandegren at 515-992-3866 or go to and search for Private Instruction.

Families that are participating in CPI are required to file CPI forms with the district by September 1st of each school year. Only CPI students may dual enroll with the district for the purposes of state testing or participation in academic or extra-curricular activities.

CPI students that do not have an Iowa certified teacher assisting with their educational program, must take an annual assessment. The annual assessment can either be a standardized test or portfolio as a baseline as well as annually. Parents may choose to dual enroll for testing purposes and DC-G will administer the tests if parents wish to use these services. If a portfolio review is chosen, the parent is responsible for finding a portfolio evaluator that is a certified, licensed teacher in the state of Iowa.

Families who are participating in IPI are requested to communicate the names of the students to central office.