Ready for Refills – North Ridge Elementary Student Donating Fruit to Classmates

September 8, 2022

Ryans lemonade stand

Ryan Johnson is working hard in his 3rd grade classroom at North Ridge Elementary. During Labor Day weekend he took a break from his studies to host a lemonade stand in his neighborhood.

“We had tons of customers from our neighborhood and the other neighborhood,” says Johnson. 

A one-day lemonade stand made $200! But what Ryan does with the money takes this story to another level.

“We are going to buy fruit for my class,” he says.  “We have tons more, so we are going to keep buying fruit.”

All this fruit now has a home at North Ridge. In Rochelle Biegger’s classroom, there’s a bowl that students can come to whenever they need a snack. Thanks to his lemonade stand, Ryan’s in charge of refills.

“If people forget their snacks or they run out, people get to get stuff from the fruit bowl,” shares Ryan.

On the first day back from the three-day weekend, Ryan was ready.

“We brought oranges, apples and bananas.”

As Ryan filled the bowl with fruit, the power of compassion overflowed. Absolutely incredible stuff from a 3rd grader. 

“I’m 100% excited to help my friends, my teacher and my classroom.”