Student directory information is designed to be used internally within the school district to assist certified personnel.

The principal or person in charge of each attendance center may release the following types of information to the public, where appropriate, keeping in mind the privacy of the student and the student’s family and the totality of the surrounding circumstances:

• Student’s name

• Participation in officially recognized activities and sports 

• Weight and height of members of athletic teams

• Photograph

• Degrees, honors, and awards received

• Dates of attendance

• Grade level

• The most recent educational agency or institution attended

If you choose not to allow any information to be released, please complete the appropriate form and send it to Superintendent’s Office, 2405 West 1st St., IA 50111. The form can be accessed on the school’s website, , or by calling 515.992.3866. Please understand that by completing and signing this form, no information can be released, including athletic or music programs, plays, the district newsletter, etc.

Release of information on the district’s website does not allow for the identification of individual students’ contact information.