Board of Education

The Dallas Center-Grimes Board of Education works to ensure high quality educational opportunities for students of the Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District. The School Board has complete and final control over local school matters within limits set by laws and regulations. Our Board is a policy-making body whose decisions are carried out by district administrators. The Board functions as a whole, and its authority lies within the will of its majority. The Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District has a seven-member board who are elected to rotating four-year terms by district voters. Board members receive no pay for their services. DCG School Board meetings are broadcast on our district’s YouTube page.

Board Policy

Agenda & Minutes

Board Members
Agenda & Minutes Archive

DCG School Board Members

Kathie Hicok
District #4, Board President

Ryan Carpenter
District At-Large, Board Vice-President
11/2019 – 11/2023

Monica Malmberg
District #2

Brandon McNace
District At-Large

Kim Praska
District #3

*Note* – In September 2022, DCG transitioned to the Simbli platform for all School Board agendas and minutes. Please click here to view current notes. Listed below is an archive of older board meeting agendas and minutes.

Agenda Archive

Tentative Agenda: March 8, 2023 – Special Board Meeting

Tentative Agenda: March 6, 2023 – Special Board Meeting

Tentative Agenda: March 6, 2023 – Budget Workshop

Tentative Agenda: February 21, 2023 – Closed Session

Tentative Agenda: February 20, 2023

Tentative Agenda: February 2, 2023 – Closed Session

Tentative Agenda: January 23, 2023

Tentative Agenda: December 19, 2022

Tentative Agenda: November 28, 2022

Tentative Agenda: Board Workshop – November 21, 2022

Tentative Agenda: October 24, 2022

Tentative Agenda: September 26, 2022

Tentative Agenda: August 22, 2022

Tentative Agenda: July 18, 2022

Special Board Meeting Tentative Agenda: July 1

Tentative Agenda: June 27

Work Session Agenda: June 20

Tentative Agenda: May 23

Special Board Meeting: Tentative Agenda May 9

Tentative Agenda: April 25

Special Board Meeting Tentative Agenda Monday, April 4

Tentative Agenda: March 28

Tentative Agenda: February 28

Tentative Agenda: January 24

Special Board Meeting Agenda: January 10 – CANCELLED

Tentative Agenda: December 20

Tentative Agenda: November 22

Tentative Agenda: October 25

Tentative Agenda: September 27

Tentative Agenda: August 23

Tentative Agenda: July 22

Tentative Agenda: June 28

Tentative Agenda: May 24

Tentative Agenda: April 30

Tentative Agenda: April 26

Tentative Agenda: March 29

Tentative Agenda Board Work Session: March 1st

Tentative Agenda: February 22

Tentative Agenda: January 25

Tentative Agenda: December 21

Tentative Agenda: November 23

Tentative Board Agenda: November 9

Tentative Board Agenda: October 26th 

Special Board Meeting Agenda: October 14th

Work Session Agenda: October 12th

Tentative Agenda: September

Tentative Board Agenda: August

Tentative Board Agenda: August 3rd Special Meeting

Tentative Agenda: July

Tentative Agenda: June

Tentative Board Agenda: May

Tentative Board Agenda: April

Tentative Board Agenda: April 8th Special Meeting

Tentative Board Agenda: March

Tentative Board Agenda: March 19th Special Meeting

Tentative Board Agenda: March Special Meeting

Tentative Board Agenda: February

Tentative Board Agenda ; January

Tentative Board Agenda: December

Tentative Agenda: November

Tentative Agenda: October

Tentative Agenda: September

Tentative Agenda: September Special Meeting

Tentative Agenda: August

Tentative Agenda: August Special Meeting

Tentative Agenda: July

Tentative Agenda: June

Tentative Agenda May

Tentative Agenda: April

Tentative Agenda: March

Tentative Agenda: February

Tentative Agenda: February Special Meeting

Tentative Agenda: January Meeting

Tentative Agenda: December Meeting

Tentative Agenda: November Meeting

Tentative Agenda: October Meeting

Tentative Agenda: September Meeting

Tentative Agenda: August Meeting

Tentative Agenda: July Meeting

Tentative Agenda: June Meeting

Tentative Agenda: May Meeting

Tentative Agenda: April Meeting

Tentative Agenda: March Meeting

Minutes Archive

Meeting Minutes 2-20-22

Meeting Minutes 1-23-22

Meeting Minutes 12-20-22

Meeting Minutes 11-28-22

Meeting Minutes 10-24-22

Meeting Minutes 9-26-22

Meeting Minutes 8-22-22

Meeting Minutes 7-18-22

Minutes Special meeting July 1 2022

Work Session Minutes 6-20-22

Meeting Minutes 5-23-22

Special Meeting Minutes: 5-9-22

Meeting Minutes 4-25-22

Special Meeting Minutes 4-4-22

Meeting Minutes 3-28-22

Meeting Minutes 2-28-22

Meeting Minutes 1-24-22

Meeting Minutes: 12-20-21

Meeting Minutes 11-22-21

Meeting Minutes 10-25-21

Meeting Minutes 09-27-21

Meeting Minutes 8-23-21

Meeting Minutes 7-22-21

Meeting Minutes 6-28-21

Meeting Minutes 5-24-21

Meeting Minutes: Special Board Meeting May 10

Meeting Minutes: Special Board Meeting April 30

Meeting Minutes 4-26-21

Meeting Minutes 3-29-21

Work Session Meeting Minutes: 03-01-21

Meeting Minutes 2-22-21

Meeting Minutes 01-25-21

Meeting Minutes 12-21-20

Meeting Minutes: 11-23-20

Meeting Minutes: 11-9-20

Meeting Minutes: 10-26-20

Meeting Minutes: 9-28-20

Meeting Minutes: 8-24-20

Special Meeting Minutes: 8-3-2020

Meeting Minutes: 7-20-2020

Meeting Minutes: 6-22-20

Meeting Minutes: 5-18-20

Meeting Minutes: 4-27-20

Special Meeting Minutes: 4-8-20

Meeting Minutes 3-30-20

Special Meeting Minutes: 3-19-20

Special Meeting Minutes: 3-5-20

Meeting Minutes 2-24-20

Meeting Minutes 1-27-20

Meeting Minutes 12-16-19

Meeting Minutes : 11/25/19

Meeting Minutes 10-28-19

Meeting Minutes 10-14-20

Meeting Minutes: 9-23-19

Meeting Minutes 8-26-19

Special Meeting Minutes 8-19-19

Meeting Minutes 7-22-19

Meeting Minutes 6-24-19

Meeting Minutes 5-20-19

Meeting Minutes 4-22-19

Special Meeting Minutes 4-11-2019

Meeting Minutes 3-25-19

Meeting Minutes 2-25-19

Meeting Minutes 1-28-19

Special Meeting Minutes 1-8-2019

Meeting Minutes 12-17-18

Meeting Minutes 11-19-18

Meeting Minutes 10-22-2018

Meeting Minutes 9-25-18

Special Meeting Minutes 9-14-18

Meeting Minutes 8-27-18

Meeting Minutes 7-23-18

Meeting Minutes 6-25-18

Meeting Minutes 5-21-18

Meeting Minutes 4-23-18

Meeting Minutes 3-26-18

Meeting Minutes 2-26-18