The Board of Directors of each public school district and the authorities in charge of the district shall do the following:

  1. Appoint a School Improvement Advisory Committee, made up of a variety of stakeholders to the district, to make recommendations to the School Board.
  2. Utilize recommendations from the School Improvement Advisory Committee to determine the following…
    1. Major educational goals
    2. Student learning goals
    3. Long-range and annual improvement goals (reading, math, and science)
    4. Desired level of student performance
    5. Progress in meeting goals related to items 2-4
    6. Harassment or bullying prevention goals, training and other initiatives
  3. Consider recommendations to infuse character education into the educational program.


            • Betsy Bejarno – Parent
            • Kevin Kreis- Parent
            • Angie Beaudet- Parent
            • Cali Jermier- Parent
            • Robin Hall- Parent
            • Christine Thomas- Parent
            • Kendra Campbell- Parent
            • Matthew Zach- Parent
            • Jim Isenhart- Parent
            • Michelle Belzer- Parent
            • Mike Meggison- Parent
            • Hailey and Dave Crawford- Parent
            • Nathan Fredericks- Parent
            • Kathy Pantzar- Parent
            • Michelle Belzer- Parent
            • Lynette Groenenboom- Parent
            • David Eilers- Community
            • Jane Foreman- Community
            • Scott Gustafson- Community
            • Scott Maxfield- Community
            • Ronnie Weidman- Board
            • Mark Wills- Board
            • Kathie Hicok- Board
            • Amy Lovig- Staff
            • Cara Piepho- Staff
            • Stephanie Madsen- Staff
            • Amy Lawton- Staff 
            • Pamela Kluender- Staff 
            • Sarah Hinrichs- Staff 
            • Sean Burton- Staff
            • Cindy Bassett- Staff
            • Scott Grimes- Admin
            • Angela Dvorak- Admin
            • Scott Blum- Admin
            • Lori Phillips- Admin
            • Jerry Hlas- Admin
            • Debra Cale- Admin
            • April Heitland- Admin
            • Patty Morris- Admin
            • Diann Williamson- Admin