Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is Congress’ directive to schools receiving any federal funding to eliminate discrimination based on disability from all aspects of school operation.  Since the Dallas Center – Grimes Community School district receives federal dollars, it is required to provide eligible disabled students with equal access to services, programs, and activities offered by the District.  Section 504 is a civil rights statute and not an education statute.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of regular education staff and building administration to implement those practices and procedures necessary for a school to fulfill the requirements of this law.  It is also important to understand that schools receive no additional funding to implement Section 504 accommodations.  At Dallas Center-Grimes, it is the responsibility of the district Section 504 Coordinator and Compliance officer to ensure that all students have access to services, programs, and activities.  Provisions of the District Section 504 Plan are implemented by the building principal and principal’s designee.

Section 504 contacts:

District Office:  Angela Dvorak – Director of Student Services – 504 Coordinator (515) 992-3866

Dallas Center Elementary:  Deb Cale – Principal  (515) 992-3838

Heritage:  Diann Williamson – Principal (515) 300-9627

North Ridge:  April Heitland – Principal (515) 986-5674

South Prairie:  Chris Schmidt – Student Services (515) 986-4057

Middle School:  Julie Kopecky – Dean (515) 992-4343

Meadows:  Emily Judd – Counselor (515) 986-0105

High School:  Travis Donahue – Student Services (515) 986-9747


DC-G 504 Manual

504 Checklist

Parent Guide to Section 504