Senior Information

Your child’s high school career is coming to an end! We know how exciting and busy this time of year can be for you. To assist you in planning the next several months, we have compiled a list of school-related activities of which you should be aware.

Thank you for sharing your child’s life with us at school. Please continue to support your child and the school through attendance at the senior activities.


Dr. Scott Blum

DCG Principal

By Dec 22Turn in baby, childhood, and senior pictures for the senior montage (if this has not already been done) to Mrs. Ivy Soener.

March 3 – Local scholarship applications are available.

March 9 – Jostens will deliver announcements during the lunch period.

March 31 – All local scholarship applications are due.

May 4 – Jostens will deliver cap and gowns during the lunch period.

May 12 –  Senior Meeting with Dr. Blum during AO in the auditorium.

May 19Senior’s last day. All fines must be paid prior to checkout. Checkout sheet must be turned into the office, with all required signatures, before student leaves.

May 24Senior Awards Night at Dallas Center-Grimes High School Auditorium time to be determined. All scholarships, honors, and awards will be presented.

May 24Baccalaureate at Dallas Center-Grimes High School Auditorium immediately following Senior Awards Night

May 26Commencement practice will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Auditorium. All seniors that are participating in commencement ceremonies are required to attend.

May 26Commencement in the Meadows Gym 7:00 p.m.



Senior Photo Letter