Service Learning Work at Oak View

February 13, 2023

Oak View students are hard at work during their Service Learning unit. The goal of service learning is to educate students while providing services to those around you. It’s a powerful experience for our students as they strive to make their building and community a better place. This is an impactful project and we are so proud to see our students commit to helping others!

Oak View Service Learning Projects

  • Oak View Survival Guide – Helping new students transition to the building.
  • Songs for Teachers – Serenading Oak View teachers with song.
  • Crafts for Kids – Students creating crafts for students at the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Newscast – Documenting Service Learning for Oak View communication.
  • Maker’s Space Technology – Creating “how to” videos in Maker’s Space.
  • So You Want to Be an Author? – Writing authentic pieces after discussions with community members and students.
  • Valentine’s for Kennybrook – Designing Valentine’s Day crafts for Kennybrook residents.
  • Raising Awareness of World Issues – World Peace Day awareness at Oak View.
  • Creating Lifelong Friendships and Acceptance – Creating art for Kennybrook residents. Also holding grandparent breakfast.
  • Game Explainers – Creating directions for students to use while playing card and dice games at Oak View.
  • The Book Reporters – Designing book reviews for fellow students.
  • DCG Game Day – Organizing a field day for DCG students with special needs.
  • School Garden – Planting an herb garden while learning how to prepare fresh foods.
  • Pollinator Garden – Preparing seedlings to grow in a garden at Oak View.
  • History Alive in Dallas Center and Grimes – Students are researching important historical moments in our community.
  • Comfort Care – Students will raise funds and supplies to stock bathrooms with feminine hygiene products.
  • Youth Shelter Donations – Helping to support youth in the central Iowa area.
  • Giant Jenga and Bag Boards – Students create a Jenga game with positive messages on them.
  • Animal Rescue League – Students are creating Valentine’s Day cards for volunteers at the Animal Rescue League along with making toys for the dogs and cats in the shelter.
  • Clothing Closet in Waukee – Gathering new or barely used brand name clothes to donate to the Clothing Closet.
  • Oak View – You Belong Here – Finding new and creative ways to make sure students feel a sense of belonging at Oak View.