Starting the Day with a Smile – Meet DCG Middle School’s Preston Ward

February 20, 2023

Preston Ward

For the last six years, Preston Ward has been part of our incredible DCG Middle School team.

“Ever since I stepped in the first day, it’s been natural,” Ward shares. 

A natural fit, that gets better every day. 

“People always say you try to find something you love and then call that work,” says Preston. “I feel like that’s where I’m at now. I look forward to being part of this and being part of DCG.” 

Mr. Ward has a long list of responsibilities: study hall, associate and recess duty. Maybe his most important duty comes right away in the morning. 

“I’m usually one of the first people in the building, so I get to watch the first couple of kids come in,” says Ward. “Usually it’s a good conversation that gets you ready for the day, kind of like that coffee in the morning.”

The best part of each day is early in the morning, but Preston’s favorite part of each year, comes at the very end.

“When you see the kids get on that bus for the last time of the school year, it makes you feel warm inside,” he says. “We went through this whole school year together and now I can’t wait to get back at it the following school year.”

Preston says the DCG Middle School community is a big part of his life. He’s a better person and team player because of it.

“I’ve learned so much from them over the last five years.”