The Power of Friendship – Oak View’s First Peer PE Class

September 11, 2023

There’s a new PE Class at Oak View this year.  A couple of times each week Peer PE takes over the gymnasium.

Peer PE students in 7th and 8th grade opt out of study hall and opt into a class that builds incredible relationships. 

“I had the opportunity when we were moving over to Oak View to purchase some new equipment with Peer PE sites,” says Oak View PE Teacher Katelyn Lindeque.  “I get a lot of ideas from kids too. Some days I’ll just put random equipment in the gym and say let’s create a game and they’ll come up with different ideas.”

Relationship building is the central focus of Peer PE. The power of friendship and collaboration is also on display every single day. 

“Just seeing how much pride they had in their team, chants and cheers,” says Lindeque. “They were not only cheering for their own team, they’ll cheer for other teams too.”

As Peer PE grows, so do the connections. The power of friendship is at a new level thanks to their experience in this class.

Here’s an inside look at Peer PE Class at Oak View.