Two Job Tom – DCG Bus Driver Mixing Math with Transportation

May 20, 2024

Tom Aman is a DCG Bus Driver

Dallas Center-Grimes has some pretty incredible bus drivers. When that engine roars, someone special is behind the wheel and they all have an awesome story to share.

We’d like to introduce Tom Aman, a first-year bus driver at DCG. 

“It’s something since I was a little kid I was always fascinated by it,” says Aman. “My dad started driving one when I was a kid.”

Tom comes to work every day with one goal in mind. 

“I just want to make a difference in their future,” adds Aman.

As Tom describes a typical day as a DCG Bus Driver, pay close attention to one stop that really stands out.

“I get to the bus barn at 6:15 in the morning and hang out with some of the other drivers,” says Aman. “I clock in at 6:30, do my pre-trip, head out on my route, pick up Oak View kids, North Ridge and Heritage,  get back to the bus barn at 8:20 and then head downtown to 801 Grand.”

We haven’t added 801 grand on a DCG bus route, Tom’s also an actuarial associate. 

“I’ve passed six of the professional exams so far and I have one more before I can get my associate of the Society of Actuaries,” says Aman. Then I have four more requirements to become a fellow.”

On the day of our interview, Tom was also volunteering at Oak View as a guest speaker in Seminar, describing the roles and responsibilities of an actuary.

“I’m on the actuarial integration and modernization team and I work on valuation analysis,” says Aman. “I do a lot of model valuation for new products and new pension risk transfer deals.”

While there is a pretty big age gap between Tom’s typical clients, there is one job he always tries to accomplish. 

“Building that connection and that positive influence on their lives, which is really cool to see,” says Aman. 

Whether he’s in an office building at 801 Grand or a bus stop near North Ridge, Tom Aman is making a difference. We are lucky to have him at DCG. 

“Great kids, great parents, great Teachers, great administration,” says Aman. “I’m blessed to be able to work for two great organizations.”