Veterans Day at DCG

November 10, 2023

Veterans Day at DCG

Patty Schipper has found a home in the classroom. 

“I used to work in a daycare center back in high school, so it just came full circle working with kids,” says Schipper. 

Her love for kids started in high school and so did her passion for serving our country.

“I joined the Army Reserves when I was a senior in high school,” she says. “My friend and I went into the recruiting building. They talked about some information and paying for college and I was like, that sounds good.” 

Patty was a 75 Bravo, a Personnel Administrative Specialist for the Army Reserves. At the beginning, it was a lot of paperwork and physical training. 

“It pushed me a lot harder than I’ve ever been pushed in my life,” says Schipper.

There are some training stories that still stick with Patty today.

“I would say my most memorable moment was going into the gas chamber,” says Schipper. “You go in with a gas mask on and they require you to take it off.”

The path to preschool has had its ups and downs for the Schipper family. They’ve been all over the world serving our country. 

“I followed my husband who was active Army,” says Schipper. “We lived in South Carolina for a while, moved to Germany, and then to DC and then we ended up in Iowa.”

Patty is in her 10th year of teaching at DCG and will spend time this Veterans Day honoring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, while also doing everything she can to help our district’s youngest learners. 

“My husband is a firefighter and I’m a preschool teacher,” says Schipper. “We are able to instill those good values into our children and our community.” 

DCG Veterans

  • Jenifer Eligh – Administration
  • Steve Ford – Custodian – DCG High School
  • Daryl Haynes – Maintenance
  • Chris Pappas – Custodian – South Prairie Elementary
  • Patricia Schipper – Preschool Teacher
  • Eric White – Teacher DCG Middle School
  • Jeff Wolfe – Transportation
  • Aaron Stoltz – Transportation
  • Randy Martin – Transportation
  • Brandon Kraklio – Transportation 
  • Zach Krueger – Interpreter – DCG High School
  • Emily Bowlin – Teacher – Heritage Elementary 
  • Britney Macha – Associate – Dallas Center Elementary
  • Shelly Bailey – Food Service
  • Craig Gooder – Transportation
  • Kevin Lull – Transportation/Custodian – North Ridge Elementary 
  • Ronda McCarthy – Teacher – DCG Middle School
  • Gail Georgou – Administration
  • James Roberts – Teacher – DCG High School 
  • Shawn Cain – Transportation
  • Rebecca Keeling – Custodian – Oak View
  • Renae Conway – Teacher – Dallas Center Elementary