“We All Work Together to See Students Succeed” – A Powerful Bond in DCG Buildings

January 20, 2023

Fox at North Ridge

Fox Pfaff is about halfway through his 4th grade year at North Ridge Elementary. 

“It’s getting hard with the math and stuff,” says Pfaff. “But I’m liking school now.” 

Fox says science and social studies top his list of favorite subjects. He’s also picked out his favorite lesson.

“There was a project we were working on very recently. It was about the Great Depression and the events that came with it,” he shares. 

Supporting Fox in his learning of the Great Depression, and all classroom activity is a great team of educators. His classroom teacher, the school’s special education teacher and associate Rhonda Neal.

“I feel like it’s rewarding for me and for him,” says Neal. “I wouldn’t change anything.”

“She just makes it easy,” adds Pfaff.

“All the people that go into public school, no matter if you are a teacher, the associate, the classroom teacher, or the special education teacher, we all work together to make these kids successful,” adds Cory Stratton, North Ridge’s Special Education Teacher. 

Rhonda has been an associate for more than 20 years and says she just likes to help. Her dedication to our district and Fox for the last three years makes a difference. 

“It’s very important to have these children in these types of school settings,” she says. “They shouldn’t be excluded. They should be included in everything.” 

That bond is also shared with Cory Stratton. He enters the education journey in kindergarten.

“We’ve spent so much time together that I think he’s getting a little sick of me,” says Stratton. “I’m excited to see the growth he’s made from kindergarten until now. Excited to see what he does in middle school.”

Fox has a few more months of work at North Ridge, before he moves to a new building. But thanks to his hard work and his support system, he’s ready for a new challenge.

“I have a special bond with Fox and will miss him next year,” says Neal.