Oak View 8th Grader Receives Poetry Recognition

May 8, 2023

The Iowa Poetry Association released its annual 2022-23 school year awards. Oak View 8th grader Bronwyn Squires is receiving statewide recognition! Her piece, “Her Spirit Live On”, will be appearing in Lyrical Iowa 2023. There were 332 student entries in her division (grades 5-8), Bronwyn is one of 20 that will be published! This is a tremendous accomplishment!

“Her Spirit Lives On” 

Through all the struggle, all the pain, from all the waiting comes a great gain

A new life came into the world; soft, light, on the bed it’s curled


First one winter, then two, then three

What once was small and feeble, now runs free

All the seasons, then once more; what once was one year, now is four


Then, on one horror-struck day; this life, once new, for it they prayed

Because the doctors, they knew not, of what made this child’s heart rot


And so, they wished, and wondered, and waited

But the news they got, they so hated

Too much sorrow, sadness, and grief; the child’s body then rested, six feet deep


Before they left, tears flowing fast, the child’s mother turned, looking back

There was something missing by the new marble stone, for only one tree stood in the graveyard, alone


The next day, and the one after that

The mother came back, and back, and back

To plant the seed, to help it grow; through all the rain, and hail, and snow


This mother kept coming, time and time again, and when she would stop, no one knew when

Because the mother of her child knew, that this tree, her daughter’s spirit lives through