Student Success on Display at Dallas Center-Grimes High School

March 7, 2023

 Isaac Cutwright has been working hard during his sophomore year at Dallas Center-Grimes High School.

“I find it quite enjoyable,” he says. “It’s just a good life all around here at DCG.” 

This term he’s enrolled in band, animal management, welding and English. 

“There have been times when I want to give up, but my parents and teachers help me get through those tough times,” Isaac shares.  “I feel like everything has been successful so far.” 

Isaac’s journey to success in our district has had some challenges. He works through ADHD on a daily basis and also faces significant hearing issues. 

But he’s found a way to overcome this problem as well. Isaac’s teachers wear a microphone around their neck in the classroom, with a direct connection to his ears. 

“I’m deaf and if I didn’t have that I wouldn’t be able to pick up some things that other students might be able to pick up,” Isaac adds. 

If Isaac’s not able to access the information, that small problem, because a much bigger one. The DCG staff is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“At DCG we talk about equity and inclusion, and the tools that he uses are all about that,” says DCG Special Education Teacher Josh Saba. ” It’s about providing access to the tools he needs, to be able to make sure that the learning environment is accessible to him.”

The audio device partnered with Isaac’s dedication to the classroom, opens the door to new opportunities. From needing significant services to now a majority of work on his own, Isaac’s success story is one we should all be proud of. 

“He’s overcome a lot,” says Saba. “That’s because he’s filled with perseverance.”

“I feel proud,” Isaac says. “I thank all of the teachers who have helped me get through this challenge, because all of the teachers have been helpful.”