Flag Day Football | Mustangs Team Up with Grimes Lions Club

June 14, 2023

On a Friday in the fall the DCG Football team goes to work at sunset. In the summer on Flag Day, work begins at sunrise. 

“We are waking up bright and early to put flags in people’s yards,” says Kolby Carpenter.

The DCG Football program is teaming up with the Grimes Lions Club. Together they are raising flags across our community. 

“Community involvement is really important as football players because the community shows up to our football games and helps support us,” shares Sam Harbaugh. “It’s important for us to give back to them.”

It’s not an official trade by any means, but trading a Flag Day tradition, for a football ticket in the fall sounds like a win-win for all parties involved. 

“In football, you want to have as many people at the games as possible, being involved in the community, helps us every day,” says Cole Kestel.

You never know who might be watching from the breakfast table.

“Not only do little kids look up to us, but it shows that we will set a good example for the upcoming DCG football players,” says Carpenter.  

As the 2023 DCG Football team gets ready for their upcoming season, events like this outside of practice, play an important part as well. 

“Doing things together outside of just lifting and practice, helps us bond and helps build character,” adds Harbaugh. 

It’s not a connection we would normally make, but Flag Day and football are coming together in a pretty special way at Dallas Center-Grimes.

“It shows how big of a family the Dallas Center Grimes community really is,” says Carpenter. 

“Keeping those stands full helps us. It inspires us and keeps us working hard on the field,” says Harbaugh. 

The Grimes Lions Club has a strong partnership with DCG Athletics. They presented DCG Boys Soccer with a check for their contributions to the program in July.